Frank McComb


"If I could write a song for George Duke and Chick Corea to perform together as a keyboard duet, it would be this song. I wrote this song when I was 19 years old and I'm honored to have legendary drummer Dennis Chambers, one who's played with both George and Chick, play on it with me. Follow me on Bandcamp so that you're one of the first to be notified when I release new music. Thanks so much for your support!" ~ Frank McComb



The Latin American Jazz Crooner

"I am very proud to face a new "era" musically and excited for this new stage in my career.  Music is my soul and I get joy sharing it with different people from around the world. The recognition of how I interpret great classic jazz songs vocally has created new horizons for me that I am thankful for.  My goal is to bring my music to the U.S. and create wonderful alliances.  My upcoming show in November will be a new modern sound experience, exploring fusions of jazz and electro-style blends. I want to thank Jaijai Jackson who agreed to present my new music to several festivals and exclusive venues around the globe. I hope I can meet YOU there! Kind regards! Peace." ~ Christian Valverde

“Christian has a very special way of taking the jazz classics that we all know and love and turns them into his very own signature style as a compelling storyteller blending musical integrations. He is perfect for our Not Just Jazz Network platform and what it stands for” says Jaijai Jackson creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide and the Not Just Jazz Network.



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“After listening to Kenney’s improvisational style I immediately thought how perfect his artistry blends into the NOT JUST JAZZ Network‘s endless boundaries. This is what we love to see, jazz foundations, not forgotten, yet held beautifully together with different colors and accents rhythmically enhanced by the highlights of other genres and cultures all their own.  It’s found to be appreciated and popular on jazz stages in today’s world” says Jaijai Jackson of the NOT JUST JAZZ Network and creator of The Jazz Network Worldwide.