This week celebrates the anniversary of the release of artist Rändi Fay’s award-winning “Supernatural,” a song about the surreal chemistry of love and desire and the mesmerizing magic when shared equally. The music, created with co-writer Aaron Zinsmeister, is a complex layering of two “natural” instruments, the voice and the bass (played artfully by Tim Perkins) into a winding, equally “supernatural” arrangement.  Fay and Zinsmeister's work brought them the distinction of “Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting” by the Great American Song Contest (March 2019) and the honor of “Best Music Video” at the Wildwood Film Festival (March 2019).



On October 1, Fay and Zinsmeister continue their pattern of creating strikingly innovative music with the release of their haunting love song, “Lone Wolf.” This release exemplifies their developing signature sound, “Symphonic Electronica.” Intimate and epic, edgy and elegant, “Lone Wolf” and the parent CD it proceeds, “Intuition” offer a compelling marriage of poetic lyrics, expressive melodies, and dynamic contemporary virtual orchestrations. For more information on this innovative songwriting partnership and their upcoming music, follow this link: Http://randifay/joinme

Rändi Fay defies the limitations of genre in her fusing of the colorful intimacy of nostalgic artists from the past, the tonal richness of jazz and the intense sonic spectrum of symphonic-electronica. A Green Bay, WI native, she has traveled from her background as a veterinarian to being one of Wisconsin's top performers, recording artists and songwriters. Her most recent accolades include being named a “Top Five Winner” with “Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting” by the Great American Song Contest for “Supernatural” (March, 2019) and receiving the honor of “Best Music Video” at the Wildwood Film Festival, again for “Supernatural” (March, 2019). She has been nominated Jazz Artist of the Year five times (2015-2019) by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry and has earned repeat UK Songwriting Contest honors (Finalist "Moonlight" 2018, Semi-finalists "Supernatural," "Evergreen," and "Pheromone" 2018, "Winter Wind" and "Freely Given" 2017). 

Rändi’s music is exploratory and dynamic, encouraged in her collaboration with co-writer and producer Aaron Zinsmeister of White Raven Audio (Appleton, WI). The duo is in their third year working together, creating an 11-cut concept album "Intuition," to be released February 20, 2020.

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