There are only a few artists that have a signature sound that you can immediately identify.  Jesse Campbell is one of those singers who is an international recording artist that sings heartfelt universal music with soul.  He is a connector, with a strong determination to put his imprint on each song he sings. His fans are loyal, his dedication to his art is unprecedented, his passion for the music he brings forth has a spirit-filled intensity that permeates directly into the hearts of his audiences. Originality is his greatest attribute and his charismatic personality coupled with his courageous energy is a winning formula in today’s musical landscape. 

 ​Jesse was invited to join the second season of the NBC hit reality show “The Voice”, where 40 million viewers got a glimpse of his electrifyingly euphoric vocal abilities.  

"I believe we’ve all come here to assist one another in our soul’s evolution. Kobe and Gianna set the bar for all fathers and children. They’ve made the ultimate sacrifice-together, that others may COME together. Even our Country and world, during such a time of division, is forced to stop and consider what’s REALLY important... LIFE... & Love.  We send love to the family and light for the greatest & highest good of all concerned.... #girldad

~ Jesse Campbell

Jesse tours the world and is available for all types of events, from festivals, special events, fundraisers and church festivities.  Follow Jesse on Instagram @singjessesing and to learn more go to