The Not Just Jazz Network is the place to let yourself be known!

If you need assistance promoting your artistry with marketing tips that will take you to the next level, contact Jaijai personally for pricing and discuss your creative thoughts!  We work with all budgets.

Outside of being featured on the Not Just Jazz Network, we offer promotional services to artists that are in need in the following areas:

Need a website to compliment their artistry

A bio

A press release

Social media support

Instagram: 30 or: 60 promotional videos (Can be used on all social media platforms)

Email blast to a targeted demographic (to all the members of The Jazz Network Worldwide and those who signed up for the Not Just Jazz Network Newsletter)

Digital Single/CD Cover

Banner/header/post creation for social media platforms

Submission to festivals

Business Cards

Flyers for events

One sheet for submission for bookings

Consultation of a promotional campaign

Prices are to be discussed upon a conceptual understanding of the actual campaign designed.